frescoes & pasta


Today was sooo good  y’all! To kick it off, we got to check out our service project site. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish. After we got some prep work started there, we explored the market. I ordered this panino in my best Italian, so I felt pretty accomplished. I think it is cool to see the difference it makes when you give an effort to understand and experience the Italian culture.


Later, Kirk gave us a tour of the Basilica San Francesco in Arezzo.  We got a preview of Kirk’s endless art history knowledge in Venice, and I am so ready for more. I took an art history class in high school, and it is one of the very few subjects I am passionate about.

The frescoes told the story of the true cross. As I looked around it felt like we were in a giant story book. Kirk made the art come alive as he told each detail of the story.  My favorite fresco was “The Dream of Constantine” because the divine light with the piece mimics the natural light coming through the window of the church.

Next, we did pasta making and oh my goodness. Not only was it super fun, but it was the best pasta I have had so far. I love spending time at the monastery and getting to know the staff like Fabio and Francesco.

Afterwards, we were hanging out in the garden with Rhonda and enjoying each others company. All of us were laughing and drinking espresso when Fabio brought us each lavender from the garden. He just kept saying he wanted everyone to be happy. I am going to keep that lavender and always remember the joy Fabio spreads.

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